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Basis of human body regeneration

编辑:Xu Rongxiang 出版社:CHINA SOCIAL SCIENCES PRESS 发行日期:2009 September
The mechanisms of regeneration can be illustrated from skin and distal end finger regenerative restoration.  Can the severed finger be regenerated? The answer is always ‘no’.  Neonatus can have the lost finger tip regenerated for they are still under further development.  However the answer for an adult is absolutely no.  Science journal once organized a team of scientists to propose issues need to be solved in the future, and severed finger regeneration is among them.  Now we have already made this dream comes true.  Regeneration of finger was not discovered from regeneration in general, nor was from skin regeneration. At the beginning, I found from our experiments that the ‘environment’ determined the degree of organ repair, but I never imagined about regeneration.  It was not until the cellular difference was observed in the healed wound in a cell experiment that I began to reconsider it might be caused by regenerative cells.  After repeated experiments, it is proved that the severed finger tip could also be regenerated.  Different from the common wound healing, our result of finger regeneration refers to the regenerative restoration to its original structure and function.  From this result, I further associated that with human limbs which were identical to fingers and also composed of various tissues and organs including blood vessels, nerves, bones, muscles, subcutaneous tissues, etc.  Though the size of the two are greatly different from each other, the four major structural tissues i.e. nervous tissue, muscular tissue, connective tissue and epithelial tissue are basically the same.  Human body is composed of 60,000 billion cells which can be divided into those four categories.  That’s why I associated the finger regeneration with other tissue and organ regeneration.  Especially when considered their relation in embryo, it tended to be even more significant.  As is well known, (see figure for each embryo development result), embryo consists of three germ layers which can produce different organs.  Generally speaking, the regeneration of an injured organ has to undergo the course of development from the embryo to organ.  However, we didn’t repeat the ‘embryo’ process and still regenerated the organ.  Our results radically overthrew the conventional life sciences.  We are the first one, we had no experience or set principles to follow, and that is why we had to establish the human body regenerative sciences.

The main focus in our study is to explore further the secondary life cells, especially the origin of these cells.  We believe these cells were left behind during the course of embryo development.  When embryonic cells divided into two, one of which continues to develop into human body; the other ceased and remained in hibernating state till the death of the human body.  It has been generally accepted in the scientific field that these hibernating cells are trash cells.  On the contrary, we have determined these cells are not only useful, but also the secondary life cells, i.e. the copy cells which can further develop under right conditions.  When aging, injury, cancer, or apoptosis occur in human somatic cells, these copy cells will be activated and play a role in renewing those diseased cells in situ.  Here, I will not detail the procedure of the activation of these copy cells; in stead, I want to emphasize one of the human instincts --- regeneration, which is available throughout the life but never displayed.  No scientist worldwide can tell how these cells play their role, for some never succeeded in achieving regeneration while some others just ignored it.  That’s why no one even touched upon the study of these cells.  It might be the same case with the discovery of antibiotics; although it is also a natural existence, no one would think about it before its discovery.  Even till now, there are still countless mysteries remaining to be solved in the nature.  If we haven’t studied burns, we wouldn’t have found the skin regeneration; if we hadn’t revealed the mystery of skin regeneration, we wouldn’t have considered the study on GI tract regeneration and known the possibility of GI tract regeneration; if GI tract regeneration hadn’t been realized; internal organ regeneration like liver regeneration wouldn’t have been studied and succeeded.  Therefore, the human body regenerative restoration is closely related with each other, and the secondary life cells are the key, because each of these cells contains the entire set of information of human body and thus can structurally repair injured or defected tissues and organs completely to achieve human body regeneration.  It is our work to feed and raise these cells rightly so that they can be activated at any time of need to replace the original abnormal cells and regenerate human body.  For example, by severed finger regeneration, we don’t refers to the wound healing, instead, we highlight the regenerative restoration of the lost finger part within the same genetic system as the original human body without any discrepancy in life characters. 

Since you have known the existence of secondary life cells in human body, you can better control your life.  It is the copy cells in your body that give you the regenerative potential.  Before your knowledge about this potential, you have no way to control these cells, but we must admit the availability and function of them.  Now it is up to us to maintain and make use of them. The common somatic cells die after renewal for 60 times in human beings.  So the death of somatic cells, instead of the diseases, is supposed to lead to the end of human life.  According to the life properties, human should have lived up to 300 years.  But who have ever lived so long?  The one who lives to 100 years is usually aged greatly. It is believed that aging is a natural principle.  In fact, aging is the most dangerous disease of human body!  In essence, the aging appearance is caused by the aging cells which lose their energy and go along one of the four ways (premature aging, cancer, disease or apoptosis) to death, such as presbyopia, Parkinson’s disease, etc.  Most of the current methods to treat such diseases are to control or sustain, which cannot cure them radically.  The goal of our regenerative restoration is not aimed at the diseases.  On the contrary, it can maintain the healthy state of the whole body by replacing the abnormal cells with secondary life cells in advance, so that human body can be protected from many aging-caused diseases.  By doing so, we can obtain a new regenerated life. Certainly, it is also possible to rejuvenate the already aged organs to restore the body to its normal and healthy state as much as possible.

That is all for the theory about regenerative restoration.  The theory is simple and original with nothing borrowed from others.  The key to regeneration lies in technical requirements which sustain the secondary life cells in good state.  To be simplified, there are three elements comprising the requirements: firstly, to make use of the regenerative potential of cells; secondly, to provide regenerative nutrients which are the source energy for regeneration; thirdly, to utilize the regenerative technique (provide an environment suitable to regeneration).  However, it is totally different to feed cells from feeding humans.  Most of people don’t have a right diet plan. For cell feeding, we are focusing on the feeding of the both types of cells, i.e. the first life cells and the secondary lie cells.  The nutrients for the cell feeding are also different from the conventional daily diet.  For example, your severed finger cannot be regenerated if you eat lots of mutton and beef which are not the right food for secondary life cells.  It is the same with other organs.  That is why we have been devoted much to work out the nutrients hierarchy for the secondary life cells.  Now it is known to all of our club members who are receiving the regenerative restoration that MEBO Gastrointestinal capsule is the nutrients for GI tract regenerative restoration, and MEBO Elixir is for comprehensive organs. 

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