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Chapter Five Interpretation of the study on ‘Induction of St

编辑:Xu Rongxiang 出版社:CHINA SOCIAL SCIENCES PRESS 发行日期:2009 September

[Editorial Comments]
The study on ‘Induction of Stem Cells from Somatic Cells’ is the technical foundation of ‘Human Body Regenerative Restoration Science’.  It is also the first discovery in revealing the mystery of regeneration.  Its research process reflects our scientific beliefs and methods, as well as our new philosophical concept of symbiosis between holistic and individual organisms. Without this new philosophy, it will be impossible to reveal the mystery of body regeneration and to establish the new system in life science.  My achievements on the induction of stem cells from somatic cells and skin regeneration in situ were announced and published in 2000.  For scientists’ and readers’ benefits, and to push the development of this new science forward, I, together with the journalist from Science and Technology Daily, have decided to interpret this scientific discovery and its process through this report in order to truthfully reveal the mystery of the study on ‘Induction of Stem Cells from Somatic Cells’.  In this report, by the philosophy of harmony between holism and individualism, we predicted and analyzed the prospects of the front line research in life science.  During the last nine years, our scientific research in transformation of somatic cells into stem cells was clinically expressed in a wide range and formed a new system in body regeneration science.  Our prediction on life science front line research, such as stem cell research, was proved to be true.  Although the following report was published nine years ago, it still represents the most advanced study philosophy and methods in the area of life science.  In order to help people remember and understand this discovery, we included this full length documentary report, which was written by Xinhua Yan, a journalist from Science and Technology Daily, and published in November, 2000, into this book.  The full text is as follows.
Challenge the Frontier of Life Science
- Interpretation of Rongxiang Xu and his stem cell research
Xinhua Yan, journalist of Science and Technology Daily

[Editor’s note] In the current research of life science, the enthusiasm in gene has shifted to stem cells.  In general, western scientists believe that stem cell research will provide broad prospects for clinical medicine.  Stem cells, especially in terms of tissue engineering, are believed to be able to resolve the long-time disturbing clinical difficulties, such as insufficient tissue and organ supplies, and immune rejection.  Consequently, the free replacement of diseased tissues and organs by artificially cultured counterparts will be achieved.

Guided by western scientists, the international research was initiated and focused on in vitro stem cell culture.  At the same time, based on the achievements in the fully functional repair of burn tissues, Chinese scientist, Rongxiang Xu, uniquely established in situ stem cell culture mode.  The establishment of this approach separated the international stem cell and tissue engineering research into in situ and in vitro groups; or eastern and western groups.  Since Rongxiang Xu’s stem cell research was derived from his successful clinical practice, it provided realistic guidance and reference for international stem cell research.

Today, in order to describe Rongxiang Xu’s stem cell research, and to interpret the significance of his research for international stem cell community, our paper specially published this full length report written by our journalist.

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