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Clinical Demonstrations of Burns Regenerative Medicine and T

编辑:Rong Xiang Xu 出版社:KARGER 发行日期:In 2004
Remarkably, rigorous sterile conditions are not required if burns regenerative medicine therapy (MEBT/MEBO) is used in the care of extensive burn patients. Basic equipment and general surgical conditions typically suffice. However, ambient room temperature of 32 - 36 C and careful, well-trained, intelligent nursing care are required so that removing liquefied product in a timely manner is accomplished. In general, surgical principles of systemic comprehensive treatment should be followed. Figure 54 a-e shows Prof. Rong Xiang Xu, inventor of burns regenerative medicine and therapy (MEBT/MEBO), as he assesses and directs the treatment for a burns patient with deep burns of TBSA 100 %.

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