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TASR, October 18, 10:05
On the Health of the Society, Golden Biatec 2013
And a Telebrigde with the Award Recipient Dr. Rong Xiang Xu in Los Angeles
The upcoming 97th Regular Meeting and the altogether 237th Event of the Informal Economic Forum – Economic Club Association will take place on Thursday 24 October 2013 starting at 2.00 p.m. in the Pálffy Palace in .  It will be held as a video conference between Bratislava – Los Angeles with a technical support of the Contineo, s.r.o. Company from Košice. The direct streaming from the conference will be available on-line (at www.telepresence.sk/portal/event/detail/event/17 and www.hospodarskyklub.sk).
The audience number of the Club meeting is also being increased by the information published in global media like Wall Street Journal, Reuter, ITAR-TASS and other. The above media have paid special attention to the activities of the Association and to its Golden Biatec annually awarded to foreign and domestic personalities. A hundred of personalities from the Slovak Republic, the CzechRepublic and Austria confirmed their participation at the event. Mr Mihók, the chair of the World Chambers Federation, the ambassadors of Brazil, Egypt, India, Indonesia, Cuba, Palestine, Russia, Turkey and Vietnam, as well as Ms D. Podmaková, the vice-president of the Slovak Academy of Sciences, will take part at the conference. 
The introductory speech on the health of the society will be given by Mr P. Kasalovský, the establishing member and administrator of the Association. The next speech will be given by Ms Monika Céreová, the vice-president of the J&T Group, and she will explain the reasons why the Golden Biatec 2013 is awarded to the Company and its president J. Tká?:  “For inspiring results in their investment activities and project financing, for their company culture, as well as for the philanthropy providing support for disabled people in the Slovak Republic, the Czech Republic and the Russian Federation”.“
P. Kasalovský, the representative of the Association, will address Dr. Rongxiang Xu, the Golden Biatec 2013 Award recipient, and his co-operators in . He will mention inter alia that since 1993 the Golden Biatec medal weighing ten grams, made of 23 carat gold and depicting the first Celtic coin in Slovak territory, has been awarded to 58 foreign personalities, and twice to Professor Klaus Schwab (1994, 2001), the president of the World Economic Forum.
This is the way the Association pays to the recipients the highest human tribute “for their exemplary efforts to promote peace and harmony in relationships between nations and their states.” The first Golden Biatec was awarded two decades ago to the then president of the Republic of , Mr. Milan Ku?an. Many of the awarded VIPs took part in the meetings or communicated with the audience through the internet.  Such a meeting via internet took place in 1997 with the then Secretary-General of the OECD Donald Johnston, in 1999 with Professor Jeffrey Sachs, in 2008 with the former Russian Prime Minister Yevgeny Primakov, in 2010 with the Nobel Peace Prize laureate Muhammad Yunus.
The Association Administrator, Mr Kasalovský, who initiated the establishment of Golden Biatec award, recalls in front of the meeting participants that in this kind of solemn moments he vividly remembers the thoughts about life and its complications – about problematic or critical situations in different fields of human activity that were heard in the Club meeting room.“The amount of internal effort our laureates needed to make, to cope with them. None of them was an angel; they were just human beings having a vision and ability to do something exceptional, something in benefit of their close community, but also in benefit of the human society as such.”
The 60th Golden Biatec to a foreign personality – to the leader of wisdom and humanity was awarded to Dr. Ronxiang Xu “for his research and contribution to the scientific route in the field of regenerative restoration of diseased human organs, and thus extending the human life span” (leading to healthier and longer life). Dr. Xu receives the Golden Biatec award in Ritz Milner Hotel in the centre of Los Angeles at 6.20 a.m. local time from the hands of Association representatives R. Y. Mosny, (a Golden Biatec laureate from 1996) and F. Pancurák, (awarded last year for his co-authorship of the patent for the Vitalturbine, improving the physical characteristics of water), this ceremony being hailed with ceremonial fanfares by the Police Brass Quintet.
The main point of the meeting’s agenda will be one hour-long presentation given by Dr. Rongxiang Xu about his patented solution for the regeneration of diseased human organs, as well as about the scientific route of regenerative restoration of human organs. Dr. R. X. Xu will answer the questions sent by members in advance, but also the questions asked directly during the meeting.
On the main page of the website www.hospodarskyklub.skunder the banner ANKETY 2013, you can view the current list of Slovak Golden Biatec 2013 nominees (personalities and companies), as well as nominations and partial results of the following on-line surveys: 11th year of the World Politician, 14th year of the Best Bank, 7th year of the Most Likable Member of the Cabinet of the Slovak Republic and 8th year of the Most Likable MP of the National Council of the Slovak Republic.
IEF Economic Club, Association, www.hospodarskyklub.sk.

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